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Anyone watch Desperate Housewives?  I’m hooked again…this season, for some reason, has got me hooked.  Maybe it’s Dana Delaney’s new secretive character…I don’t know.  But, one of the storylines that has caught my interest is Lynette’s cancer.  My mom had cancer when I was a teenager, and it frankly scared the crap out of me.  You’re always afraid your parents are going to be taken away from you.  I am enjoying the Lynette storyline because of the open communication she is having with her entire family.  Cancer is hard enough for adults to deal with, but it is extremely difficult to explain to children. Kids usually can understand a lot more than we think.  It just has to be explained in a way that makes sense to them.  Whether it’s an adult in their life that has the cancer or the child themselves, honesty is the only way to deal with explaining it.

  1. Keep it simple, especially with younger children.  A good rule of thumb is to let them ask questions and simply answer what they ask.  Don’t give them more information than they need at the time.
  2. Practice what you want to say before you sit down with the child.  It won’t prepare you for all their possible questions, but it will help you to have a better idea of the direction and tone of your conversation.
  3. Reassure the child that the cancer is not catching.  When they hear it’s a disease and it makes people sick, they will want to know if they can get it.
  4. Talk to them in terms they will understand, such as the cancer cells are like the bad guys attacking the body and the doctors are like Superman or Batman, trying to fight the bad guys.
  5. Tell them it’s ok to be scared and mad.  Show them healthy ways to express and deal with those feelings.
  6. When treatments begin, explain the changes that will occur: the stomach problems, the hair loss, weakness and any other differences to what they are used to.
  7. Find a support group for the family because it helps them to know they aren’t the only ones going through this. Knowing someone else has been where they are can really help a child to feel like there is hope.
  8. Let them know that people can and do survive cancer, but it will be a tough fight and the family will have to work together to make the most of their time.
  9. Talk to the child about death, especially if they haven’t lost a loved one before.  It’s a tough concept, even for adults, but it will help even if just a little.  Remember to keep it in terms they can understand.
  10. Always take the time to make memories and tell them you love them.

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to finally upload a video link? Answer: 1
Question: How long does it take? Answer: 3 months

You heard me bragging about being on TV and promising a look-see back in February.

Well, I got the DVD, I even had a friend isolate my portion of the broadcast (about 4 minutes long) and send that file to me electronically…that’s when I hit a brick wall. The file was about 36 MB and was way too big for me to upload on my website.

I couldn’t figure out what to do so I let it sit.

Then it hit me…what’s this YouTube thing all about? You know, I usually consider myself pretty “hip” and up-to-date on things – especially the internet, right? You need to keep on top of this stuff. It hit me that I was starting to sound like my mother, but that’s a conversation for a different time.

So…last week I checked out YouTube and joined. Today, I uploaded my first video – the one that I promised 3 months ago 🙂

Now, I’m going to attempt to embed it in my blog post – hopefully the technology gods are shining on me today. Here it is…

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This week’s Thumbs Up Thursday goes out to Kristy Shreve Powers – she’s definitely a Busy Mama! She provides Busy Mama Guides as blog posts. They come in small increments so they can be read and digested easily and quickly – before the baby has time to pull that lamp down on top of himself!

One particular post that caught my eye was this one:
Kristy Shreve Powers: Busy Mama’s Survey Question: Do Your Kids Watch TV?
Thought provoking stuff – check it out and also check out the comments left by quite a few people.

You want my take on TV for kids? Well – I grew up watching TV. Sesame Street had just come out…Mr. Rogers was very popular…and who can forget the ever-popular Electric Company? Love Morgan Freeman to this day! All of these shows I mentioned are educational shows too. I think there can be fair balance between the good stuff and the crap on TV.

We limit our older 2 kids to one hour per day on their own – they usually make choices like That’s So Raven, Digimon and the like. The rest of their TV time is spent with us as a family. We’ll watch American Idol, Survivor or some other popular Reality Show.

The younger one takes delight in watching Sesame Street (love it!), Dora and Barney. When she was 2-1/2 years old, she started counting to me in Spanish. We’re not a bi-lingual household, so I know she learned it from Dora. That’s pretty cool! I can appreciate the things that she learns from these educational shows – like counting (in English and Spanish), colors, letters, songs and some good solid values. A lot of us are not fans of Barney, but you’ve gotta admit he does teach a lot of great stuff!

Let me know your thoughts on TV watching – I’m curious to know what you do in your house!

p.s. – I’m still up on the Top Momma site – thanks to all of you who have been voting for me 🙂

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Whew! Live TV Wasn’t So Bad

I wouldn’t want to do it every day, but it wasn’t so bad! Thanks to all of you who were sending me positive vibes through my first appearance on TV…in my bathrobe no less! Well, at least I was comfortable 🙂

I’ll be getting a dvd here soon and I’ll post the link so y’all can take a gander and see for yourselves.

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I’m going to be on TV!!

I first talked about my upcoming TV spot here. Now I have all of the details.

I’m going to be on Channel 6 (local Richmond, VA station) on Virginia this Morning at 10am IN MY BATHROBE! This is going to be so much fun. You see, Monday, February 12th is International Doing Business in Your Bathrobe Day and I’m going to be interviewed in my bathrobe on a live show talking about the wonderful benefits of working from home!

If you’re in the Richmond area, please try to watch…if not I’ll try to get the spot in digital form up on my website in the very near future.

Wish me luck!

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The Apprentice – L.A.

Those of you who know me know that I am a diehard Apprentice fan.

I got hooked on the first season when I was pregnant with little Livvie. I had to go to the hospital on a Thursday late afternoon with contractions. They admitted me and hooked me up to all of the wires and monitors,etc… We sat there through Oprah and the evening news. Entertainment Tonight came on and I knew this baby wasn’t coming – this was my third…I knew. I started getting antsy because The Apprentice would be coming on soon…I began to ask the nurses when I could go home – this baby wasn’t coming, but the show that I was glued to every Thursday was! Finally, they released me and all was well in the world – I made it home with about 15 minutes to spare 🙂 Livvie arrived that Sunday – great timing little girl!

So, fast forward 3 years. I’m still a diehard fan – I don’t miss a season. There have been some seasons that didn’t have the best of candidates, in my opinion. Like the “Book Smarts vs. Street Smarts” season…not great. I even watched the Martha Stewart version – I usually like her, didn’t like that season. She was trying too much to follow “The Donald’s” cue…she should’ve just remained herself. I do like Donald Trump, though. He is one, big pompous ass, but he is also a great business man and a master in drumming up PR.

Last night was the premier of The Apprentice-L.A. I appreciate how they’re trying to mix things up a bit by moving to Los Angeles and provide some new twists – can’t imagine having to live in that tent after losing a task. I wasn’t excited about the candidates – usually I can pick out a couple who will be standouts throughout the season. As always, I’ll watch next week and see if it holds my interest. I’ll more than likely watch the entire season because I’m HOOKED. I love watching the assigned tasks and seeing how these people (strangers) interact with each other. I’ll go out on a limb right now and predict a winner…Heidi seems to be a clear standout – great leader, very smart and they’re due for a woman to win.

Thoughts? Predictions?

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