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It’s time to get back to my Thumbs Up Thursdays!!!  This week, I’m highlighting a great blog called It’s Not Shopping…It’s Retail Therapy!  What a great title!  ALL of us need a little retail therapy every once in a while.

Mrs. Schmitty posts about different products for us overworked moms to soothe us, organize us, and help us keep the kids occupied too!

Some of the more recent products include (and many include discount coupons too!):

In addition – she just changed her monthly giveaway contest to a WEEKLY one!

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to It’s Not Shopping…It’s Retail Therapy! and enter the contest – you could win something really cool!


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Thumbs Up Thursday is here and I’ve got a great one for you. Tasra with Lessons from the Scrapbook Page has got it all together! Tasra has a lot of experience to offer her readers of this blog. She’s an author, a podcaster, a personal discovery coach and speaker.

One particular post that really hit home with me was A Simple Strategy to Help You Organize Your Life.

Just last week I was struggling with some inner turmoil (falling into the rut of being a SuperMom and losing my identity). It took a swift kick in the butt from my really good friend to put me back on track and start getting back to ME.

Tasra does the same thing in this post with an inspiring video to back it up! It’s about 6 minutes long – take the time and watch it…it’ll help YOU get back on track.

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This week’s Thumbs Up Thursday goes out to Kristy Shreve Powers – she’s definitely a Busy Mama! She provides Busy Mama Guides as blog posts. They come in small increments so they can be read and digested easily and quickly – before the baby has time to pull that lamp down on top of himself!

One particular post that caught my eye was this one:
Kristy Shreve Powers: Busy Mama’s Survey Question: Do Your Kids Watch TV?
Thought provoking stuff – check it out and also check out the comments left by quite a few people.

You want my take on TV for kids? Well – I grew up watching TV. Sesame Street had just come out…Mr. Rogers was very popular…and who can forget the ever-popular Electric Company? Love Morgan Freeman to this day! All of these shows I mentioned are educational shows too. I think there can be fair balance between the good stuff and the crap on TV.

We limit our older 2 kids to one hour per day on their own – they usually make choices like That’s So Raven, Digimon and the like. The rest of their TV time is spent with us as a family. We’ll watch American Idol, Survivor or some other popular Reality Show.

The younger one takes delight in watching Sesame Street (love it!), Dora and Barney. When she was 2-1/2 years old, she started counting to me in Spanish. We’re not a bi-lingual household, so I know she learned it from Dora. That’s pretty cool! I can appreciate the things that she learns from these educational shows – like counting (in English and Spanish), colors, letters, songs and some good solid values. A lot of us are not fans of Barney, but you’ve gotta admit he does teach a lot of great stuff!

Let me know your thoughts on TV watching – I’m curious to know what you do in your house!

p.s. – I’m still up on the Top Momma site – thanks to all of you who have been voting for me 🙂

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It’s Thursday – time for another “Thumbs Up.” This week’s nod goes to Play Library.

Play Library is written by Kerri Aldrich and Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei. They write about everything and anything that might be fun to do with your kids, or that your children might find entertaining, as well as share bits of news and information that might be helpful for parents and caregivers to know. Play Library : Two mommies chatting about kids’ toys, games, books, and just fun stuff to do.

Here are some of cool posts from Play Library that you must check out!

Strawberry Shortcake Dance Dance Revolution – this is the ultrapopular interactive video game – throw Strawberry Shortcake into the mix and your young ones will have as much fun as the older ones do!
How to Make Balloon Animals – Cool video!

Also – Some great categories – I couldn’t even choose a particular post:
Nostalgia Toys
Baby Things
Board Games and Other Games for Kids

Lots of great information…check it out!

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This week’s “thumbs up” goes to Robyn at The Serious Shopper. She is very enlightened in the shopping arena. She’s got some great advice for shopping with a fun and easy-to-read style of writing!

One particular post that caught my eye was how to best Maximize Your Credit Card Points. I like my reward-air-miles-from-my-Visa-card as much as the next person, but after reading this post, I found there are other ways that I could be cashing in on the reward points. She suggests using one card to pay your monthly bills and another card for regular purchases during the month. This is GENIUS…why didn’t I think of this before?

She made her point a couple of times and I would say you need to HEED THIS ADVICE. If you’re going to start paying your regular bills with a credit card – PAY IT OFF EVERY MONTH so you don’t accrue interest. Otherwise, you’ll be negating the reason why you’re doing it in the first place.

The Serious Shopper is informative and fun – it’s worth a second look…and a third…and a fourth 🙂

Now, I’m off to earn money to pay off my credit cards so I can begin maximizing my reward points…

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Today’s “Thumbs Up” goes to Jenny at the Bath Body Junky Blog. This blog is all about creating an affordable at home spa retreat by pampering the mind, body and soul. It’s a useful bath and body blog that provides great articles consisting of data on research on the topic of key benefits related with specific bath and body ingredients.

One particular post caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you. We all suffer from time to time of the “puffy eye syndrome.” Here, Jenny gives us 5 great tips to help reduce them.

Jenny focuses the blog’s articles on how to care for skin, how to look younger and how to create the home spa retreat that all women deserve.

Here’s to the Bath Body Junky!

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Today’s “thumbs up” goes to Shannon at the Mommy, Inc. blog. She a “mompreneur” with twin girls who just turned 1 this past week (Happy Birthday Girls). Shannon shares what she calls ‘survival tips’ for other moms who work at home and try to balance it all, including frugal ideas, make-ahead meals, business promotion ideas and success secrets from other moms. Here’s something that she posted on Monday for the Thrifty Mom:

* Thrifty Mom: Child’s Play
What’s the best way to save money on children? Well, some people will simply tell you not to have them. But guess what? Raising kids doesn’t have to be expensive. Just take the kid’s-eye view of the challenge and use you imagination instead of always reaching for your wallet. During the month of January, I’m sharing secrets to save while enjoying your children.

Ways to have fun with kids, while on a budget
1) The library has more than books. Don’t forget about all the videos and books on tape. Plus some libraries even have free passes to museums!
2) Grab an empty appliance box and let the kids decorate their own play house, club house or secret fort. (We actually did this 2 summers ago for the little Livvie – I put the older kids to work painting and decorating a huge box. We put it in her room and she got a TON of mileage out of it!)
3) When they’re stuck inside, how about bringing the outdoors in and having a Teddy Bear Picnic n their bedroom?
4) Need some clothes for dress up? Now you can finally get rid of all those ugly bridesmaid dresses. (Kids don’t care they’re too big.) Think also about old uniforms, costume jewelry and hats.

Every day Shannon has something pertinent to a mom’s life…make sure you check her out!

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