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Just In!!!!  Courtesy of My Special Note

Download this 12-page Christmas Coloring Book for your kids!

You can even photocopy and distribute the pages to:

  • Preschool or daycare classes
  • Sunday School class
  • Kids you babysit
  • Neighbor kids who need something to occupy them 🙂

Just print these pages out and you’ll have time to do some gift-wrapping in peace!!

Happy Holidays!


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My Special Note – your online source for personalized gifts and letters – is giving back to a very special cause this holiday season.

Someone very close to us has Cystic Fibrosis – a disease that affects the lungs and digestive systems of about 30,000 people across the U.S.

SO…in support of Breanna, 10% of all sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Shop My Special Note for:

Buy a personalized gift for your child and give back at the same time!

To learn more about CF, visit their website at:  http://www.cff.org

Happy Holidays!

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square-logo-w-tag.gifGet 15% off of EVERYTHING at My Special Note!  Hurry – it only lasts through the end of the month 🙂

Personalized pillowcases, laundry bags and Letters from Santa…and coming VERY SOON – Personalized Children’s Books with your favorite licensed characters!!

Just click on the logo to start shopping!!!

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Need a special gift for a birthday coming up…or for a neighbor kid going off to college?  Now you can get a 10% discount off personalized gifts at My Special Note. 

10% Discount

You can receive 10% off of that personalized gift you’ve been looking for at My Special Note.
All that’s required is a simple sign up to the mailing list.  You’ll receive updates (like the New Products shown below) and special deals as they’re offered.  Just sign up here with your name and email address.  After you confirm your sign up (this is to prevent SPAM – see statement below), your private 10% shopping code will immediately be emailed to you!

Check out our new products below…and look for personalized laundry bags next week – something for your college kid to take back and forth 🙂

New Products

We’ve added some great new products this week!
Kids Pillowcases:  All-Star, Ballet, Golf and Gymnastics

Sorority Pillowcases:  Delta Delta Delta and Delta Zeta
 Collegiate Pillowcases:  NC State

SPAM Statement:  We will NEVER give away or sell your personal information.  We hate SPAM – the email kind…not the canned meat kind 😉

p.s.  There’s even an opportunity for you to MAKE some money!  My Special Note has a fundraising/affilliate program where you can raise 20% of each sale (no ordering, no sorting, no packing, no shipping), for your school, club, sports organization, booster club or non-profit organization, that is ordered directly off the website.  Click here for more fundraising information.

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This is hilarious! I just had to share it with you.

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Today is National Rotten Sneaker Day.

WHOOPEE! EVERY day at my house is Rotten Sneaker Day…and it’s not just the boys, mind you…the girls contribute their share too.

We have the best time with the youngest – when she was a baby and I would change her diaper, I would grab her feet, put them to my nose and say “Pee-You!” When she was really young, she would smile…as she got a little bit older, she would giggle…and a little bit older, she would let out a huge guffaw! Now, she is forever taking her socks and shoes off (she comes by that honestly – I love walking around in my bare feet too), she lays down on her back and sticks her feet in the air…”Smell my feet mama!”

What does this lovely little anecdote have to do with Rotten Sneaker Day? She has REALLY SMELLY FEET! No doubt due to her REALLY SMELLY SNEAKERS!

So, as a tribute to this lovely holiday, I will take all of the yucky sneakers in our house and put them in the washing machine. If that doesn’t help – I will have to resort to throwing them away in the trash …I couldn’t subject anyone else to the nasty hand-me-downs.


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THIS is what happens when you have a 3-yr old in the same house with a 9 and 11-yr old…

A couple of months ago I was shopping in Costco with my mom-in-law and Little Livvie. We walked down one aisle past a trash can and it opened up by itself. COOL! We sat and looked at it (and played with it) for a few minutes…it was stainless steel and around $40. It was JUST what I needed since the older kids had broken the other stainless steel trash can that cost me $70 about 6 months before.

This is the coolest trash can – it has a sensor (an “eye”) that knows when you are approaching and want to throw something away.

We got the trash can home, put the batteries in and began to test. When the older kids came home from school, Livvie just had to show them this new invention that was going to change our world. In fact, we became the talk of the neighborhood with this trash can. We realized that most times when the taller people just walk by, the can opened up. (Side note – my Little Livvie loves to dance around the room to music and shake her BOOTIE.) She began walking up to the trash can, turning around and shaking her bootie. Being 3, she’s a little short to reach the sensor, so we would wave our hand in front of it and she thought she was opening up the trash can by herself.

One evening, a couple of nights after purchasing, our neighbor came over to check out what all of the buzz was about. We had to show her this wonderful new addition to our lives. As she was walking out the door…Livvie in all of her 3-yr old wisdom said “Hey Carla, look, it’s the Bootie-Shakin’ Trash Can.”


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