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Do you dream of owning your own business? Is scrapbooking your favorite hobby and now you think you’re ready to take this hobby to the next level? If you answered “yes” to these questions…read on.

A colleague of mine, Vera Raposo, the queen of scrapbooking, is going to knock your socks off with her brand spanking new Scrap Venture Coaching System.

This is a 7-week program that will take your scrapbook business to new levels. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s the scoop on what you’ll get during this coaching session with Vera:

1. Laying the foundation for your business
2. Building your website
3. Locating scrapbook products
4. Using auctions as business-builders
5. Marketing techniques
6. Mastering Internet marketing
7. Planning for your future

This coaching package is very exciting! Not only does Vera provide the weekly lessons, but you also get one-on-one coaching with her, a members-only forum, and feedback every week on your completed lesson. Now, where can you go to get this kind of personal business mentoring at such a reasonable price? Nowhere!

I am excited to share this with you because I know there are tons of moms out there searching for legitimate business opportunities. Vera is a trusted and highly respected work at home mom, too, so she understands where you’re coming from. Plus, the advice she gives is backed by years of experience in the scrapbook industry.

If you are considering starting your own scrapbook business, I implore you to grab this remarkable opportunity before you take the plunge. Let Vera guide you with her expansive knowledge about the scrapbook business. Hurry—the first round of coaching begins Monday, June 4th!

Make sure you reserve your spot now.


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What? Father’s Day is coming soon?

Can you believe it? Half the year is almost gone…and yes, it is time to honor your Dad. If he’s sick of receiving that same old tie as a present…check this cool stuff out!

Delightfuldeliveries.com is a cool new site I discovered with some unique ideas for Father’s Day!

Hit the Sauce – This cool gourmet basket (shown left) has a great assortment of grilling and barbecue sauces from Jack Daniels, Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam and Beefeater. There are also some flavored coffees in there for good measure!

Cigar Sampler – This 20 piece sampler contains 4 each of some of the highest rated cigars produced today.

Beer of the Month* – Each month, dad could receive a 12-pack of 4 different types of hand-crafted microbrewed beer in 12 ounce bottles.

Tour of the Wine Country Gift Basket* – Is your dad a wine lover? This basket is a great choice that includes 3 different California wines, meats, cheeses, crackers and some Ghirardelli chocolate to top it off!

These are just a few of the cool gifts that are available from delightfuldeliveries.com. These gifts are unique and convenient for you too!

* Alcohol related purchases can only be shipped to certain states, please make sure you make sure dad is able to receive this great gift before you purchase!

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Product Name: Rainforest Jumperoo by Fisher Price
Submitted by: Michelle Morgan, Leawood, KS
Rating: 10
Where to buy: Amazon.com

Description: This product is a stand alone jumper.

Review: My daughter loves this toy. She received it as a gift from grandma when she was four months old. It only took me about 10 minutes to put together.

My daughter can touch on the lowest setting and bounce a little. She is fascinated by the activity toys and lights. I love that it can be set up in any where, easily breaks down for travel, and that there are controls for the lights and music. It is very sturdy.

This toy is great. I would recommend it for anyone with little ones. We will get a lot of use for now and as she grows. Instead of being set up in a doorway it can go anywhere in a room. It breaks down for easy travel. It is rainforest themed with lots of bright colors and rainforest animals. The tray has three different activity sections with great lights and music. The seat swivels all the way around to allow access to all the activities. Two leaves attach at the top on each side with a toy can and a frog hanging down. There is control panel for the music and lights.

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Are you suffering from SuperMom burnout? Do you sometimes struggle just to make it through each day? Moms everywhere are breaking down and giving out because they are too chicken to say, “No.” “No” may be a tiny, two-letter word, but it is definitely your secret weapon. And you can say it.

I am dedicating this list of ways you can say “no” (and not feel guilty about it) to my good friend Robyn at One Tough Momma – she admittedly has a LITTLE problem. Take these to heart, Robyn!

  • “Sorry, I’m taking a break.” The number one reason why you should say, “no” occasionally is simply that you deserve a break. You are chef, chauffeur, dish washer, and more. You job never ends on any given day of the week. You deserve a break.
  • “My schedule is full.” We tend to jam-pack our schedule full of activities, leaving time for nothing. Cut back on your kids activities (the rule in our household is one activity per season). Start a car pool and share driving responsibilities. Do whatever you can to free up some time in your schedule.
  • “I’m really slammed right this second, could I call you back tonight after the kids are in bed?” You’re headed out the door, rushing to the next appointment when the telephone rings. What do you do? Do you come to a screeching halt and answer the phone? Let’s say you do, and it’s a family member, calling to dump their latest woes on you. Do you stand, tapping your foot impatiently while you roll your eyes and listen to the sob story? This is a typical scene for many moms. Unless it is a DIRE emergency, they should understand that you have a busy life too and you will be much better equipped to help them later on after your immediately stress is gone.
  • “I have another commitment that day.” Say it and mean it. Regularly schedule in time with your family or time alone (and physically write it down in your planner) and if someone ask for your help during that time look in your planner and tell them you have another commitment.

Instead of rushing to be everything to everyone, stop for a moment. Ask yourself if you truly have time for whatever comes up. If not, say no by walking away, turning off the ringer on the phone, or not answering the knock at your door. Always remember that you are a mom—not a super hero. When you have to say no, people will understand; if they don’t at first, they will get used to it eventually.

Find out how to de-stress your life and regain YOU with Journey to Joy!

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1/4 cup nonfat Thousand Island salad dressing
8 slices dark rye or pumpernickel bread
8 ounces thinly sliced low-fat, low-sodium cooked turkey or chicken
1/2 cup sauerkraut, rinsed and well drained
4 slices low-fat Swiss cheese (1 1/2 ounces)
Vegetable oil spray

Spread salad dressing on 4 slices of bread. Top remaining 4 slices with meat of choice, sauerkraut and cheese. Top with dressing spread bread slices, dressing side down. Spray skillet with vegetable oil. Cook over medium heat until toasted and cheese melts, turning once. Repeat with remaining sandwiches.

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Yes, SuperMoms get hearburn too! What with all of the running kids here, there and everywhere; not eating properly and definitely not getting enough sleep. All of these can be contributing factors to ongoing heartburn.

Here are 5 tips to help you keep it under control:

  1. Know your triggers. Those who experience heartburn after certain activities can reasonably assume what is causing their episodes. Certain foods can bring on a bout of acid reflux. Spicy or fatty foods can trigger an attack. Fats digest slower in the stomach. Chocolate can also cause heartburn in certain people. If these or other foods such as fruits and juices or tomatoes and tomato products are suspected of causing your heartburn, avoid them.
  2. Don’t eat late. Going to bed right after eating is a disaster waiting to happen. The acid needed to break down the food is getting revved up. If you lay down, the contents of the stomach shift causing pressure on the sphincter (valve opening) between the stomach and the esophagus. Acid escapes and travels backwards up the esophagus and back into the mouth.
  3. Take a pill. Some people are addicted to their heartburn triggers. If you must have your morning coffee or your weekly dose of Mexican food, head off the heartburn before it starts. Several over-the-counter medications are designed to reduce stomach acid before an episode occurs. Try Pepcid AC® or Zantac®. These products can be taken forty-five minutes to an hour before a meal.
  4. Lose weight. If you’ve never experienced heartburn before, but recently it has become a common occurrence, check the scale. If you are overweight, this could be the problem. For men in particular, excess weight is held around the abdominal area. This extra weight puts more pressure on the sphincter causing acid reflux.
  5. De-stress. Stress can lead to weight gain, smoking, drinking, and other behaviors that trigger heartburn. If increased pressures at home or work are leaving you frazzled, confide in a friend or professional counselor. A listening ear now can avoid heartburn later.

If you know anyone experiencing heartburn, pass this information along. A little knowledge goes a long way in creating a healthier lifestyle. Help someone else alleviate their heartburn today.

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You have a family budget in place. Now the hard part begins—sticking to your family budget. With the demands of all the wants and needs of kids, it can be challenging to keep a close eye on your money matters. Here are some simple tips to save money and help you stick to your family budget:

  • No satellite – On average, the least expensive satellite package can run anywhere from $35-$40 per month. Multiply that times twelve months and you end up with a whopping $420-$480 per year! Do away with this single bill and your family can save almost $500 every year. Now that’s an incentive!
  • Limited video rentals – Many families choose to rent movies for a family night instead of going to the movies. While rentals are a huge money saver, it can still get expensive if you go overboard. Limit your rentals to two every two weeks, for example.
  • Return videos early – Another cost that adds up quickly is overdue rental fees. For the cost of a few past due days on one movie, you could purchase that movie and watch it forever if you wanted to. Write yourself a note so you won’t forget to return your movie rentals on time. Even better, try using an online video rental service like Netflix. You’ll pay the same each month, pay no late fees, and get new movies every time you return one.
  • Plan meals before shopping – Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. You will want to buy everything you see on the shelves. You may think it’s silly, but you will be amazed at the results if you try it.
  • Buy off-brand products – Most off-brand products taste much the same as their counterparts. There are a few, like mayonnaise for example, that taste slightly different. For the most part, if you are trying to stick to a budget, buying off-brand products can save you a lot of money. And don’t forget to clip and use coupons, too!
  • Bring your lunch to work – Once again, let’s do the figures. If you spend a minimum of $5.00 per day on lunch (that’s a cheap lunch!), at the end of the week, you’ve racked up $25.00. With gas prices on the rise every day, that extra $25.00 could come in handy if you drive to work, too. Instead of eating out, fix your lunch to bring with you.
  • Drink water – Sodas are easy to grab and run with, but water is much healthier for you. Instead of spending money on canned drinks, buy a family-size pack of bottled water. You’ll save money and drink healthier.

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