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Easter is coming soon…are you ready? I’m always on the lookout for new and fun things to do with the kids at Easter. I came across this Easter Fun Pack the other day and was so excited about it! It has some really cool and useful stuff like:

* Easter Games and Activities

* Easter Crafts to do with the Kids

* 6 Step-by-step face painting instructions to turn your little cutie into an Easter Bunny!! (photos come with it – makes it a snap)

* 16 Coloring and Activity pages that you can print out for your child to create an Easter masterpiece!

It’s fun and affordable – $7 for the entire pack! Click here to check it out. It’s an immediate download, so you and your kids can start the fun right now!

Happy Easter!

p.s. Do you want a FREE preview?? Here’s a coloring page from the Easter Fun Pack. Just click on the “Easter Bunny with Basket” under the Coloring Pages category. It’s our special gift to you!


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Baby-Proofing Your Home

Ask any parent what the most important part of bringing a new baby into your home is, and often the answer is “Safety.” If you are a new parent, or will be a parent, here are some safety tips for baby proofing your home.

  • Use socket covers – This is probably one of the best tips ever. These handy little plastic covers plug right into your wall sockets. You never have to worry about little fingers sticking something into an outlet again.
  • Lock cabinet doors – Most hardware stores sell door locks. These come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular locks are plastic ones that slip on and off (with ease to adults) and keep kids out of lower cabinets.
  • ***Extra Tip*** Babies and toddlers will always be interested in cabinets and will find a way to get into them. Suggestion: make a couple of cabinets “baby-friendly.” We locked all of the cabinets except two – the Tupperware cabinets. She loved to just open those up and make a complete mess of the Tupperware – so you have to clean up…just think of how much fun she had!
  • Use a baby gate – This one is another favorite among many parents. A baby gate is a simple and easy way to keep your baby in one area of your home. It is usually a simple design, made of wood that attaches and locks itself to a door facing.
  • Put cleaning products away – This is another huge rule that is sometimes overlooked by parents. If you keep your cleaning supplies in the kitchen under the sink and don’t utilize locks on your cabinet doors, you take a huge risk of chemical exposure to your baby. The best advice is to place all cleaning products out of reach of your children. If this isn’t possible, the second best advice is to use locks on your cabinet doors.
  • Inspect tables – If you have coffee or end tables in your home, inspect these to make sure they are safe. As your baby grows, these become attractive instruments in your baby’s efforts to pull up and stand. Make sure the legs are stable and tightly secured to the table’s base.
  • Cover the fireplace hearth – This can easily be overlooked when baby-proofing, but is really an essential zone in your house for a safety check. If you don’t want to purchase the premade bumpers or gates, use pillows. We had pillows lined up across the hearth for the better part of a year. When that little one is not-so-stable on their feet, a pillow is a nice, soft place to fall into!
  • Put lamps out of reach – If you have table lamps, be sure that they are out of reach. Sometimes baby’s are attracted to lamps because of the light. If your baby reaches for the lamp, this poses both a fire hazard and risk of injury to your baby.

It’s not always a quick or simple thing to do, but baby-proofing your home can keep your baby safe and give you the comfort zone that you need to provide a calm, relaxing atmosphere for your little one.

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Sibling rivalry is common among children. Many times when introducing a new baby into a family, the existing child will display feelings of jealousy. Even established families, with two or more children, frequently deal with rivalry between siblings. For example, I had my first two fairly close together (21 months) – they are opposite sex siblings and they FIGHT like cats and dogs.

As a parent dealing with this rivalry, you should not expect your children to overcome sibling rivalry and jealousy overnight. This is something that usually needs to be addressed on an ongoing basis, especially as your children grow older. My brother and I grew up almost as twins (he’s exactly 1 year older) and we fought and fought and fought (I know the fighting between my two is God’s way of paying me back). BUT…as we grew older, we really grew to appreciate the other’s strengths and companionship. We became friends in high school and have remained close ever since.

One way to help your children overcome their feelings of jealousy is to spend special time with each child individually. By sharing in quality time with each child on a one-on-one basis, you let them know that they are not in competition with each other. This can be very tough to arrange – especially if you have more than 2 children, but it is worth the effort!

When you are forced to referee, allow each child a turn to speak. Listen to their opinions and give each child equal time. Many times sibling rivalries can be easily resolved by just offering an ear. Frustrated children may not always know how to express their frustrations without becoming irritated. Teach them to use their words to express their feelings to you and each other.

Above all, never take sides. The last thing you want to do alienate one of your children and give the other one the idea that you are more partial to him than the other. This will only lead to even more sibling jealousy and just escalate the situation even more.

Lastly, help your children by offering them a simple solution. Even better, offer them questions to make them think about the conflict and come up with their own solution. This will help them work on their problem-solving skills and people skills at the same time. After all, isn’t the goal to raise a confident, independent individual?

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Many women experience morning sickness during their first trimester of pregnancy. With it comes nausea, vomiting or heartburn. Morning sickness can actually occur at any time of the day, not just in the morning.

If you are experiencing morning sickness, the most important thing you can do is simply take care of yourself. Don’t try to push yourself or overdo it. Try these other tips for coping with your morning sickness.

Tip #1: Drink plenty of water. Saturate your body with lots of water. If you are feeling particularly nauseous, try something carbonated, like Sprite or ginger ale, but do try to avoid highly caffeinated drinks.

Tip #2: Steer clear of strong odors. If there is a food or smell in particular that causes you to feel sick, be sure to stay away from it if possible. Many pregnant women feel sick at the smell of certain foods cooking, or certain perfumes.

Tip #3: Don’t eat spicy foods. If you experience frequent heartburn, stay away from anything spicy. If you are craving spicy foods but they give you heartburn, eat smaller portions. Finish your meal with a small piece of bread and milk. (Tums works great for heartburn…and safe to take with the baby!)

Tip #4: Keep crackers by your bed. If you suffer from extreme nausea you may find that saltines help control it. Eat a few saltines before you go to bed at night. Try eating a few in the morning before you attempt to get out of bed.

Tip #5: Try ginger and peppermint. Ginger helps alleviate nausea so you can try ginger ale, ginger cookies or ginger tea to help calm your nausea. Peppermint may also help, try it in tea form or suck on a mint.

In some cases you may find what works for some may not work for you. If you still feel nauseous or are having severe morning sickness where you can’t keep any food down then it’s important to talk to your doctor since he or she may be able to help further.

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This is the perfect kid-friendly dessert. Guaranteed to be a hit!

20 milk chocolate mini-eggs unwrapped
½ cup miniature marshmallows
1 tablespoon Light corn syrup
1 tablespoon butter
1 ½ cups corn flakes (crushed)
Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate syrup for topping

Lightly grease 6 muffin cups and set aside. Microwave 12 of the 18 chocolate eggs (make sure they’re uncovered) in a microwave-safe bowl for about 1 minute (or a little less) and stir. If not fully melted microwave another 10 seconds.

Combine the butter, corn syrup and marshmallows in another bowl and microwave for about 15 seconds, stir until melted and add the melted chocolate and cereal to it. Mix the mixture well. Press mixture into the bottom and sides of the muffin cups to form a “nest” shape. Refrigerate for approximately 1 hour. Remove the nests from the muffin cups very carefully and let stand at room temperate for approximately 15 minutes.

Place a small scoop of vanilla ice cream inside each nest, top with another unwrapped chocolate egg and drizzle with chocolate syrup.

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Product Name: Isis Breast Pump
Submitted by: Lindsay; Averill Park, NY
Rating: 8 (out of 10)
Where to buy: Amazon
Description: This manual pump is comfortable and easy to use. A silicone diaphragm creates a vacuum for reliable suction. The pump is compatible with all Avent bottle systems, making it easy to express milk directly into a bottle.
Review: If you want a quiet pump, this is the pump for you. It’s not noisy or expensive and is reasonably comfortable. Easy to assemble and clean and very quick.
Have you used this product? Please comment…let us know what you think!

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It’s Spring!

What a great morning for a walk! Strolled the little one over to the sitter’s house and am enjoying a nice brisk walk home. It’s great working from home!

p.s. Remember to take time to smell the flowers 🙂

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